Armalygal is a traveler's camp that, since its opening in 1991, decided to express itself under the concept of sustainable tourism when it was still unknown. Nowadays, according to UNWTO, the principles that define sustainable tourism are: 


  • Natural and cultural resources are conserved for continued use in the future, while providing benefits; 

  • Tourism development is planned and managed in a way that doesn’t cause serious environmental or socio-cultural problems; 

  • Environmental quality is maintained and improved; 

  • It seeks to maintain a high level of satisfaction of visitors and the destination retains its prestige and commercial potential;  

  • The tourism benefits are widely distributed throughout society. 


These characteristics make sustainable tourism a strategic tool in local and national economic development. On the one hand, tourism is a great opportunity in some urban and rural areas, where there are no other alternatives for economic activity. At the same time, as part of the services sector, it offers more opportunities for the emergence of local companies (it must be considered that even in the most developed countries, this sector is mainly made up of SMEs). And despite being a sector that requires heavy investments in infrastructure and equipment, it also uses labor intensively, thus offering numerous job and business opportunities, without distinction for men, women and young people. This tourism trend called Sustainable Tourism is also supported by UNESCO, who argues that "The development of sustainable tourism must be ecologically sustainable in the long term, economically viable, as well as ethically and socially equitable" (BRESCE, 2009). 

Armalygal, a sustainable Camping: a more humane form of socio-economic development 


The Armalygal infrastructures were made by the village artisans according to the traditional way. Under a simple appearance, our bathrooms tell a story and transmit knowledge from the antiquities of the Arab period.  

Armalygal was the first sustainable company dedicated to tourism in Murillo de Gállego. Over the years, it left part of its activities to be developed by other companies that were created after. For this reason, you won’t find a store in the campsite, since there are now two businesses just outside the campsite: a bakery and a small store.

The Armalygal company allows its team and their families the luxury of living in this rural area throughout the year.  

When you visit us, you participate in the social and economic development and rebirth not only of our village, Murillo de Gállego, but also of our environment. Thank you very much for allowing us to live in this wonderful place. 

Why olives


Preserving the existing, since its inception in the 90s, the Armalygal campsite has preserved and respected the hundreds of olive groves that fed the inhabitants of the town of Murillo in their time and that today provide shade in the campsite. In addition, you can find almonds and holm oaks typical of our region with Mediterranean climate. Think that the olive is a small tree and its shade doesn’t cover all the plot. Attention, if you have a very high motorhome, we will have a little less space.  

Why reasonable consumption of water and no barbecue 


We are in a dry region and enjoy sun almost every day of the year. Our soils are clayey and keeping them with grass outside the spring would go against our idea of water management. We depend on the rainfall of the winter and the springs of our beloved town, we respect WATER as a precious asset. Our environment is fragile and to protect it, the regional law of Aragon prohibits barbecues and any fire that generates embers in the campsite, as well as in outdoor terrain. 

Waste treatment 


Under the same concept of environmentalism and respect for the treatment of our wastewater we don’t accept the discharge of chemical WC. The use of hygienic wet wipes is fatal to the environment, but if you use them please put them in the bin and not in the toilet where they don’t fall apart. Likewise, we don’t put toilet paper in the bathrooms on purpose so that it’s used reasonably and appropriately.

We use a more sustainable bank. 


Triodos Bank’s mission is to help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and human dignity for all. Since 1980, our sustainable financial products have enabled individuals and organisations to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment.Triodos Bank focuses its activities across three overarching themes: Environmental, Cultural and Social. Together, these cover a broad range of sectors – from renewable energy, organic farming and social housing through to retail, charities and education.